Hotels in Durban - 2020

New Developments & Experiences in Durban

An exciting development for Durban's beachfront is the eventual completion of the Durban Point area project around 2022. This will definitely open up an area of the beachfront that has long lagged behind the rest of Durban's beaches. It looks upmarket positioned on the Point promenade with views of both the ocean and harbour. Here's more news on this development.

Forget about 2022, this is happening now! It'll make walking from Durban's more established beaches to the north pier an enjoyable experience. The beachfront promenade extension will open up Durban's southern beaches and will be ready for the festive season 2019/2020. Landscaping and the planting of natural dune vegetation will give the area a more natural appearance. Here are some aerial views of the promenade. 




eThekwini Municipality Mayor Mxolisi Kaunda officially launched the city's festive season management plan to a full house at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

Tsongo Sun has embarked on a new venture with the introduction of an economy class hotel brand called hi'. Billed as "limited service" the first one is already under construction at Montecasino in Johannesburg, with another 10 planned around South Africa, hopefully with one in Durban. Room numbers will be around 120. Aimed mainly at the young and tech-savvy self-service check-in is offered with unlimited fast & free WiFi and app-enabled content streaming.

Some good news for the homeless in Durban. The Denis Hurley Centre (DHC) has a bookseller project that enables Durban's homeless to sell second-hand books to the public. The eThekwini Municipality also granted permission for books to be sold along the beachfront during the festive season. Added to this, another DHC project offered some homeless people seasonal work at Tsogo Sun. Definitely the way to go!

Ubuntu Design Group Project.jpg

Ubuntu Design Group has helped this family to move from a one bedroomed shack to a new home that is functioning as an income-earning creche for the local community. Power to this concern as they enable further projects.